Property Management Services Checklist

Following is a brief list of the various services that can be performed in the management of commercial and investment real estate. The needs of a specific property owner can be assessed with a visit to the property and discussion regarding the goals of the property owner.

Typical Property Management might include:

• Physical Assessment
• Mechanical Equipment Assessment
• Operations & Maintenance Planning & Execution
• Preventative Maintenance
• Financial Planning
• Expense Analysis
• Budgeting
• Rent Collection
• Escalation/Common Area Charge (CAM) Reconciliation & Billings
• Tenant Relations
• Invoice Processing
• Invoice Payment
• Competitive Bidding for Services
• Utility Purchasing
• Lease Administration
• Escalation/Common Area Charge Audits
• Construction Management
• Project Management
• Financial Reporting
• Property Tax Appeal Coordination

Facilities Management Services Checklist

The difference between Property and Facilities Management is often blurred and the duties overlap. However, the distinction is made when the purpose of the service is examined. Property Services relate directly to the needs of the building and the real estate.

Facilities services relate to the individual user or tenant and include:

• Janitorial
• Mailroom
• Copy Services
• Fitness and Health Services
• Safety Administration
• Safety Training
• Office Equipment Maintenance
• Fleet Management
• Telecommunications
• Service Call Trucking
• Signage
• Security
• Office Moves
• Office Space Build-out